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Patient Education

Why Orthodontics Matters

Straight Teeth

From gum disease to crowding, straighter teeth matters. Almost no one is born with a perfect set of teeth. There’s crowded teeth, gapped teeth, big teeth, tiny teeth, the list goes on. Whatever your case may be, straightening them gives you more than just a great smile.

Ask us about Orthodontics treatments.

Important Oral Health Topics

When to take Baby to Dentist?

Knowing when to start visiting the dentist for our little ones are key to their oral health journey and keeping them healthy.  

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What to Expect at your FIRST dental visit?

Visiting the dentist is an important part of your overall health care. Here's what to expect during your first visit with your dentist

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Best Flossing methods.

Go where tooth brushes just can't. Learn some healthy ways to floss your teeth for better gum health.

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Brushing your teeth properly.

The right brushing techniques are simple and easy to learn. Be sure to apply the right techniques to keep those teeth shiny clean!

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What is Fluoride and why it protects Teeth.

Every wonder why Fluoride protects our teeth? Learn the science and health benefits of Fluoride for our teeth.

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Causes of Bad Breath?

Learn what causes bad breath and how to beat it! You will be surprised by the numerous causes.

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What is in your Toothpaste?

A break down of key ingredients in your toothpaste. Learn why we even have to use tooth paste in the first place.

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Oral hygiene in pregnancy?

Learn how to keep up with oral hygiene during pregnancy. Be sure to keep your overall oral health & baby safe!

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Mommy & New Born Oral Health?

After giving birth oral hygiene is a critical yet overlooked component of oral health for mom and baby, discover why.

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When will Baby's teeth come in?

Learn all about baby teeth and their arrival time.

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Wisdom Teeth

Understanding the importance of Wisdom Teeth Health.


Wisdom Teeth Health

Covering core topics on wisdom teeth.

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Benefits of Wisdom Teeth

Some of the benefits of why we have wisdom teeth


Impacted Wisdom Teeth

What are these and why?


When treatment?

Considering treatment?